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主題: 敬邀:2010最佳巴拿馬競賽-國際杯測評審台灣團隊 2010 BOP Taiwan team
作者: Joe Hsu四月 12, 2010, 08:44:17 pm

我們將邀請有經驗的杯測人員參加本週六的杯測競賽,總計24款樣品,3回合,並於週日再舉行1次Top 10的決賽杯測。

1,杯測師8~10位(需有杯測經驗,以有意願參加RASC聯盟且有意一起競標2010 BOP 者為優先,481.0.html (,481.0.html),)

Dear Mr. Hsu
We would like to invite you to be one of  international judges, you will receive the 2010 Best of Panama samples so you can roast and cup them in your own cupping room. You can then score them and return the scores to our auditors by mail, as well as a scanned copy of the scores by email. The samples will be coded to preserve their anonymity.
A national jury in Panama will hold a preliminary cupping with the intention of eliminating defects. In previous years, we have had some 25 to 30 coffees reach the international jury competition.

To become a judge for this event, you must agree to the following conditions:

1. Make formal commitment to the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama to participate in the 2010 Best of Panama Cupping Competition. Cup the coffees within the week of April 19 - 25, right after the SCAA event.  Our auditors must receive all of the scores by April 30 so results of the competition can be announced at a SCAP dinner on May 1. (Individual judges’ scores will not be announced; only the final averaged scores for each coffee).

 Follow the Best of Panama cupping protocol, as follows:

i)  Reroast any coffee with a different roast profile from the others.
ii) Use five cups for every sample
iii) Weight each sample
iv) Use the SCAA cupping form to score

3.Act professionally, as in any international cupping event, in terms of following the Protocol for the preparation of samples and cupping, thereby demonstrating an understanding of the importance of the outcome of an event such as this for the participating producers.

4. Refrain from commenting on the quality or characteristics of the individual samples with other judges until after all of the scores have been submitted. You are at liberty to invite other people to cup the samples with you.